Community Centre

Sadacca’s Vision and Objectives


To improve people’s wellbeing through high quality  services provided in the community. To help us realise our vision, we have six strategic objectives:

  • Provide outstanding education, training, employment, guidance and support for community members including those with special education needs, parents/carers  and elders.

  • To enhance, develop and improve partnerships with health service providers to address health needs that are impacting on the African-Caribbean community, especially, and more widely -e.g. sickle cell, prostate cancer, diabetes, dementia. Improved capacity to influence local and mental health policy and services will be a key part of this.

  • To become a provider to implement the ‘through the gate’ strategy to rehabilitate offenders in a more flexible and personalised way and to be recognised for this work locally and nationally.

  • To generate income to secure financial security and to sustain the work of the organisation.

  • To improve awareness and understanding of different communities to promote cohesion, diversity and British values.

  • To secure 48 wicker and the retail shops for the African and Caribbean community of south Yorkshire.

Our Mission Statement


“We seek to raise the social and political awareness of the African and Caribbean community and make a positive contribution to the cultural and economic prosperity of our community and the city of Sheffield in general. We also aim to ensure the longer term viability of this Community by working closely with members to encourage a degree of self –sustainability from income generated from the services we provide”


Board of Directors

July 2016